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Wolds Woodland Farming Project

Wolds Woodland Farming Project

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Guilds for Eucalyptus Trees

Posted by Deano Martin about 13 years ago

I'm looking for help to design guilds of useful plants, that thrive/survive near Eucalyptus trees.

Hi All

I wanted to tap into the observations and expertise of people with experience of Eucalyptus trees, as I think that this could be one of the benefits of this Network.

If you have seen my earlier posts, you'll be aware that much of my emphasis is on bee forage plants. In the UK, there are very few trees that flower in August, and those that do are normally ornamentals, with few other useful functions.

One of the trees that flowers late Summer here  is Eucalyptus. It has other uses, fast growing, good fuel, medicinal, but more importantly for me, I use the essential oil from Eucalyptus as part of my chemical free, varroa treatment. Whilst I'm unlikely to distill the oil, I'm hoping that some of it will come through to the bees through the nectar, improving their health.

Eucalyptus is a known allelopath, and so I'm looking for help to design a planting scheme that will allow me to grow useful plants with the Eucalypts.The trees that I have planted are only a small proportion of the trees that I've planted, and I have placed them around the peripheries. The main species is Eucalyptus perriniana (Spinning gum), but with some E. gunnii, and E. coccifera.

What I'm hoping for is that those of you who live near eucalypts, or grow them yourselves, will have noticed plants that grow near them, or will check them out next time that you look. Not all of the plants that you see will grow in my climate, but it will give me an idea of what families of plants would be worth experimenting with.

Plants that definately do NOT thrive, would also help.

So, over to you, and I look forward to your suggestions, and feedback.

Thanking you in advance.




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