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francine chanover
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gatton, qld, Australia
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Warm Temperate

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Echoes in the valley

Echoes in the valley

Ingolldsby, AU


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About francine chanover

I ve been involved in permaculture since my 20s in some expression or another. Ive always been organic and planted companion planting. Ive also always wanted my own 100 plus acres which Ive now been privileged enough to be living on the property by 2012..Presently Ive managed to go there a few times and set up a sea container comfy place with solar and wind power. so um a tenth of the way there lol. lots still to do.

I speak french, am trying to learn thai and have built out of mudbrick, rammed earh, stone, sea containers, glass bottles too.
Ive learnt everything through trial and error not through courses
Now have 2 food forests and need help setting up a camping area
.Mainly learning from others and practice.. as they say practice and knowledge handed down , can make a big difference,

We are WWoofing hosts also .

I have no qualms in setting the farm up as a community , one with likeminded people who all help each other and work together equally.


Had an amazing time doing earthworks

earthworks with a 31 tonner and a great excavator man

Posted about 11 years ago (0 comments)

we now have a website

called echoesinthevalley.com

Posted about 11 years ago (1 comments)

DURING the cyclone in january that devastated queensland

and the Lockyer valley area

Posted over 11 years ago (0 comments)

Amazing swales do their work

after 404 mill of rain the swales worked a dream

Posted over 11 years ago (1 comments)

so here s a look at the swales now

after a few weeks of hard physical work and much planning

Posted over 11 years ago (0 comments)

We have now started the first earthworks

the beginnings of the gatton demonstration farm

Posted over 11 years ago (0 comments)

looking for someone to assist in setting up permaculture gatton

income projects, setting up a local community group

Posted over 11 years ago (0 comments)

Setting up solar panels on sea containers

Since we decided to build the first place with sea containers

Posted over 12 years ago (0 comments)

Looking to set up a food forest

for myself, bees and koalas too

Posted over 12 years ago (0 comments)

The floods and torrential rains recently damaged and washed away the main access road

As it is the only road access to the top of the hill I have devised a plan

Posted over 12 years ago (1 comments)

Putting up wind generator number 1

The aim is to use only wind, solar and other alternative power to generate the whole farm and everything used on it

Posted over 12 years ago (0 comments)

So we half got the teepee up

A place for visitors to stay when they come visit

Posted over 12 years ago (0 comments)
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Consultant Aid worker Pdc teacher I'm female, single, and looking for a permaculture partner
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Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Tom Kendall
Location: sunshine coaSt
Date: Nov 2012
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Type: Teacher Training
Teacher: Robyn Clayfield
Location: Crystal Waters
Date: Oct 2014
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