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Deano Martin
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Horncastle, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
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Cool Temperate

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Wolds Woodland Farming Project

Wolds Woodland Farming Project

Hagworthingham, GB

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About Deano Martin

I'm a Permaculturist/Smallholder implementing my own design on 3.75 acres of grassland in the Lincolnshire Wolds.
Although I've led an Introduction to Permaculture Course, at the University of Lincolnshire, I have no desire to be a teacher, or to design for a living.
My Smallholding is perhaps unusual in that the primary function of almost everything that I plant is bee forage, and that every element in the design, and almost every individual plant has to support my bees.
I am hoping to become one of the UK Permaculture Association LAND Demonstration Projects.
I write about my work, on my blog, The Sustainable Smallholding.
Where there are also details of my design.


Experimental Polyculture

I am trying a hybrid of the Three Sisters Planting Guild, and the Bon fils Method of growing grains, and am looking for anybody else doing a similar experiment.

Posted about 13 years ago (1 comments)

You cannot have enough Bamboo

The highlight of the last week has been adding another six varieties of Bamboo to my growing collection. I only went for four, but couldn't resist adding two more.

Posted over 13 years ago (5 comments)

Guilds for Eucalyptus Trees

I'm looking for help to design guilds of useful plants, that thrive/survive near Eucalyptus trees.

Posted over 13 years ago (0 comments)

Zoning for Bees

Most references to Zoning for bees relates to positioning of hives, however it can also be applied to planting bee forage Plants

Posted over 13 years ago (4 comments)

Tree Planting Over for Winter 2010/2011

This Winter saw me doing the framework planting for a 1 1/2 acre Forest Garden.

Posted over 13 years ago (2 comments)
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