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The Channon, NSW, Australia
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Sub tropical
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Trinidad & Tobago Permaculture Institute Permaculture Institute Strawberry Fields Eco Lodge seghersecoplant; natural waterpurification systems and growery The Transformation of Our Urban Home The Centre for Urban Agriculture in Alberta
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Video Updates

Posted by Geoff Lawton about 10 years ago

Video Updates

See all my films at The Permaculture Research Insitute Vimeo account

Cold Climate Permaculture

Geoff Lawton visits Ben Falk's magnificent Permaculture farm in beautiful Vermont close to the Canadian border. Geoff shows you the features you should have in your cold climate Greenhouses. How Hugelkultur is used to kick start a food forest and how that system evolves over a few short years. Why Fish Ponds are so productive. How natural heaving of ice can remineralise your swales.  Ben Falk explains how he managed to grow rice on his cold climate farm. Lots of great ideas for you to consider.

Rooftop Farms

Geoff Lawton scales one of  New York's Biggest Rooftop Farms overlooking Manhattan and notices something very strange with the weeds growing there. 

What are the weeds telling us about the soil? 

Geoff then notices something even stranger growing out of the derelict building next door. Is nature attempting to take-over New

The Power of Bamboo

Geoff Lawton shows you a unique way he uses Bamboo to capture nutrient during flood events to fertilize his farmland for free. 

By selectively planting bamboo in strategic areas on your land, you too can harvest the amazing potential of bamboo. In this video, Geoff looks at the various varieties of Bamboo he has on his property and how he uses each species creatively using clever Permaculture design techniques.

Perennial Abundance

Geoff Lawton visits Permaculture authors Eric Toensmeier and Jonathan Bates and looks at their tiny one tenth of an acre cold climate yard located in Holyoke, Massachusetts. 

Here they grow over 200 perennial food plants, including bananas and share their secrets - what food is possible to be grown even in the coldest climate zones like theirs, where the outside temperature can drop to minus 20 Centigrade. 

The Perfect Permaculture Fish Pond

Geoff Lawton shows you how he uses cows and horses to clean out the growth around one of his disused fish ponds and transform it into a fertile oasis full of fish, beauty and abundance. 

From renovating a pond with a small solar pump and a fish feeding station with a clever fish capture gate - to a floating raft of food, see what can be done differently on your land with a little clever permaculture inspiration.

From Desert to Oasis in 4 Years

Geoff Lawton takes you to Wadi Rum in Jordan the Middle East and shows you how he transformed a hostile dry desert into a fertile oasis in four years. 

"If we can do it here, we can do it anywhere." he says. 

Geoff Lawton reveals his little known secrets of soil fertility capture using a succession of plants and succulents. 

Cold Climate Future

Geoff Lawton takes you 40 years into the future into a secret and private Massachusetts cold climate food forest. 

If you thought a cold climate was just a bunch of deciduous fruit and nut trees - think again. Think mighty jungle vines and a carpet of trailing exotic fruit! Heck! There's even room for Tarzan up there!

Gabions! A Masterclass Lesson in Fixing Drylands

Plenty of people have tried to stop the spread of desertification in dryland environments. In this Masterclass lesson, Geoff Lawton demonstrates using architectural visualization software, how to build fertility back into drylands using a simple technique anyone can do on their land.

Community Gardens

From California in the West Coast to the cold climate zones in the East, Geoff visits a number of different Permaculture gardens springing up and notices a common thread. A lot of people are growing food that should never be grown in that climate and zone and doing it successfully. How do they do it?

Geoff even visits the University of Massachusetts and spots an unusual Permaculture garden that won The White House Challenge.

Even the Chancellor wants a Permaculture garden!


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Sean Rafferty
Sean Rafferty : I tried watching the videos at Geofflawton.com, but it said I had an invalid code. I want to take the online PDC course. Where can I do that? Is it free?
Posted over 9 years ago

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Luke Hancock
Luke Hancock : The online course is once a year, takes 3 months and is $1000.
Posted over 8 years ago

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david230 Taylor
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Posted over 2 years ago

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Jane Murer
Jane Murer : Geoff Lawton shows you how he turned a harsh, arid desert into a fruitful oasis in Wadi Rum, Jordan, in the Middle East, over the course of four years. | roof leak repair
Posted 10 months ago

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Church Camila
Church Camila : All are good suggestions. I was impressed with how Geoff Lawton used Bamboo to capture nutrients during floods and fertilize farmland for free. Very nice. I will apply. Have a little fun at mario games.
Posted 6 months ago

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Howard  Durham
Howard Durham : good google
Posted 5 months ago

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