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marrakech, Morocco
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Semi Arid

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Soil Food Web online course

Posted by Frederic Scholl almost 9 years ago

Now consulting for real, getting paid and having to deliver results, fiddling with weeds and "gardening" in a cool spirit or designing for the future isn't good enough anymore.

I always think that most of the job to be done in a regenerative perspective has to be upstream of planting and even designing and implementing a permaculture plan. Preparation of the ground and soil biology regeneration is paramount in actually getting quick and productive results without too much hassle and hardship.

The rest, the downstream part: creating functional features, opening land patches, getting the production underway, the trees to grow well and the land to be beautiful, flows by itself and all seems to be magically easy.

But even knowing this deeply as a matter of course, this year I've been taken away into launching projects quickly, eager to satisfy clients to see earth moving, tree planting, land structuring as on the plan, running after the question of "when is it finished and where is my money kind of look? I sort of gave in to the pressure and missed out on some the basics.

Definitely next time, next client project, will definitely start with setting the composting and composting tea unit, spread out the necessary micro biology from boundary to boundary, sow ground cover, green manure and then design in details. Promised.

Here in southern morocco where we just ended a 6 month strict drought with heavy floods, with rock hard top soil most of the year, poorly flocculated clay, it makes so much sense to start with the very small.

I recently enrolled into Elaine Ingham's Soil Food Web online course. Amazing way to deepen my understanding of soil life and capitalize onto the fertility chapter of PDC, even backed up by years of research, sourcing information from various sources is still not enough to integrate the complexity of the the soil food web in a practical/operational manner. This course is the ground base of how to make it work and to become efficient on the ground without pulling your hair out.

So, my advise to all, have a look at the SFW website and find out what's up.



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Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Geoff Lawton
Other Teachers: Byron Joel
Location: morocco
Date: Jul 2012
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Verifying teacher: Geoff Lawton
Other Teachers: Byron Joel
Location: morocco
Date: Jul 2012

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