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First Permaculture Homestead

Posted by Will Duvall about 5 years ago

Well I bought my first property this winter and I can't wait to get out and start modifying it this spring!

Well I'm buried in the snow right now.  But I'm researching and planning, trying to use some observations from living on my first property this winter to help me in tweeking the design.  One thing that's already come up more than once that I wasn't really expecting is the MegaFarmer on both sides overspraying onto the property.  I'm going to be working on a biofiltration strip project this spring to put some kind of border along the property to filter out as best as possible anything that comes across the line either from a sprayer or runoff. 

Kind of like when I started my PDC, I have a great idea and the motivation to do it with very little expert knowledge, so it's just gonna be a great learning experience that hopefully I'll come out the other side of better off for it.  There are so many properties in my area that border farmer fields that the biofiltration strip could be a great idea for a lot of people so I'm hoping I'll get all of the help I'll need in planning and picking out plants from a few local organizations.

As you may know, our Toledo water supply was completely shut down for three days last year, mostly because of the runoff from the farm fields going out into Lake Erie through the river that I live on.  So I'm right in the middle of this whole thing, but the signs are good that the city of Toledo and the county I live in are getting serious about finding solutions to protect the watershed.  So wish me luck!

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