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Ban Muang, Khon Kaen, Thailand
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The Mindfulness Project

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PDC Course at the Mindfulness Project!

Posted by Christian Carow over 6 years ago

We are gearing up for our annual PDC course here at the Mindfulness Project.  Every year we host this course with two amazing teachers between two project sites!  It's a great opportunity for those look to obtain their PDC off the beaten track in rural Thailand.  Please check out our summary of the course below as well as the link to our events page.  We hope to see you there!


“If everybody makes a difference the world will be different!” (Owen Geiger)

This Permaculture course gives you powerful answers that many are searching for in order to solve the many problems in the world today! Join a movement which is growing tremendously every day and start to immerse yourself into a lifestyle that will make a real difference for yourself and this planet.
Permaculture is a proven organic gardening system that is based on old traditional methods combined with the newest technology. This includes water harvesting methods, compost and soil management, natural building methods, alternative energy ideas and alternative solutions for trade and markets. The special feature of Permaculture is that all these elements are integrated into a system where they support each other in a unique way. Permaculture is based on observing nature and these observations teach us how to design ways of living that have the stability and resiliency of a natural ecosystems — they show us positive solutions for creating and managing systems for food, medicine, and building materials as well as relationships with ourselves,  animals, and our communities.

You can apply these design principles to small scale or urban gardens as well as on large scale farms in any kind of climate or landscape.

You will learn:

  • how to design your own land
  • how to grow food just about anywhere
  • repair environmentally damaged lands
  • design incredible and long lasting green-buildings
  • produce your own power
  • run successful people-oriented businesses
  • how to do the work you love and live meaningful and authentic lives all while building genuine community

All by using the same fundamental Permaculture principles and applying the Permaculture ethics of:

Care of People – Care of the Earth – Sharing of the Surplus


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