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New Talavana, MS (USA) Annual Permaculture Design Course

Posted by Louis Bernier over 5 years ago

The previous update had us getting the OK on the community 'Vision and Mission Statements', and in March we posted it in 4 locations in the main community complex for members and guests to familiarize themselves with the community goals and objectives.

Also, at mid-month I presented my latest update on my proposed “Permaculture Design Plan for the Demonstration-site” to the Community Management Team and the only local Board Member. The presentation was enthusiastically accepted by the CMT! There was discussion about how long it would take to accomplish the work if all of the costs were covered… However, in April the location for this initial demonstration-site was moved to the Pear Orchard (by my home), which is far more convenient.

 The Pear Orchard is a location that was prepped decades ago with 10 mobile-home sites; currently 5 are occupied. The couple that took the PDC last year live in the back-most location, and I am about mid-point. The entire area is roughly 10-12 open acres with a few scattered trees. My original "plan" has been modified to accomodate this "urban" setting! Each home-site will be facilitated with a mini-"food forest" to maintain. The ones that are currently vacant, will be advertised as "Available home-site with existing food forest/garden"...

There has been some subsequent progress in preparatory clearing, etc., equipment has been purchased and the steps have been implemented in processing debris as biochar.

So, over the course of this past year, there has been ever-increasing interest in this 'planned development' using Permaculture Design principles. Many community members and supporters have voiced particular interest in participating in this next design course, so I have invited their attendance, and scheduled the course from September 1st through November 17th -- on Saturdays!

We are also gearing-up to initiate and integrate an "Agro-Tourism Educational Program" in the coming months.

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