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Louis Bernier
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Carriere, Mississippi, United States
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Warm Temperate

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Project Type:
Rural, Intentional Communities, School Projects, Demonstration, Educational, Non-Profit CSA Economy, Commercial Products & Services

Project Summary:
I recently joined a group who Co-Founded in 1974, a planned rural eco village community who are interested in learning and teaching about more sustainable lifestyles. They have 1,200 acres of land and are developing their eco village in South Central Mississippi. Many aspects of the property have already been established, and we have recently developed a community Vision & Mission Statement. We believe that people come first, education comes second, and planning comes third. The right people, the right knowledge, and the right plan will take us in the right direction.

My participation as "Harmony Permaculture", is a consultation service that is aligned to assist in coordinating their community and personal projects in order to strive to re-establish Nature’s balance on their property, while promoting Permaculture and self-reliance education to the community members.

After all, a Permaculture property plan can save years of effort and thousands of dollars on poorly conceived improvements. And a professional design service will help to make the most of their property and time!

Project Description:
Harmony Permaculture is being utilized as an educational tool for this “Intentional Community” project in this region; for us to live, demonstrate and share sustainable living practices, using Permaculture ethics and principles as a guideline on our working Permaculture farm, and Education for truly sustainable living; as well as an example, to affect world change.

Ongoing and developing courses are being focused on working with natural elements and using innovative farming techniques to regenerate our agricultural landscape as a model social enterprise, grounded in the ethics of Permaculture; as well as through Permaculture design consultancy and publication of power-point presentations/videos, website, social media (https://www.facebook.com/groups/NewTalavana) and more.

PDC Design Courses, various workshops and work-party days will all be hosted throughout the year. There are many projects planned, and it is envisioned that natural building courses will be held here as part of the Apprenticeship Program, and potentially also as standalone courses.

Community Skill Development and Occupational Diversity:
Workshops, Seminars & Hands-On Work (HOW) Retreats will be orchestrated in seasonal cycles annually. Additionally, we will feature an “Annual Spring Festival”, and an “Annual Fall-Harvest Festival”!

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) will be developed and listed in http://www.localharvest.org/csa/
Additional marketing options to a roadside stand at our front gate include an on-site Community Coop Market that will be conducted with respect to seasonal crop cycles throughout the year.

Planned Produce, Products & Services development include:
Vegetable Gardens
Herb Gardens
Spice Gardens
Various Grains
Seed Harvesting & Use of Seed Inoculants
Teaching kitchen skills: Butter, Ghee, Cheese Making/Cooking/Baking
Teaching food preservation
Processing Cold-Pressed Oils
Coop/General Store Operation/Maintenance
Restaurant Operation/Maintenance
Bed & Breakfast Operation/Maintenance
Flower Garden (Processing Tinctures & Essential Oils)
Cotton, Hemp, Other Fiber Crops
Fiber Crafts/Spinning, Sewing, Weaving, Quilting, Knitting, Crocheting
Textile & Fabric Shop/Clothing Manufacturing
Bamboo Products & Uses
Basketry Weaving / Straw Plaiting
Pottery Making
Homemade Cleaning Products
Soap Making
Harmonic Earthworks/Gabions, Swales, Dams
Ponds & Lakes Management
Water Collection/Purification
Food Forest Garden Design & Development
Orchards, Vineyards & Berries (Guild designing)
Animal Fodder
CEB Block Making/Construction
Grist Mill
Lumber Mill
Basic Woodworking, Carving, Inlay/Furniture Shop
Blacksmith Forge/Tool Making
Oxen Teams

Manpower: (Participant/Worker Database) [http://www.wwoof.net]


ZOOM Presentation of Project Plan

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Ecocity World Summit

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Small Farm Project - Consultancy

Project Type: Farm/Food Forest Conversion. Property is located in Alachua County, Florida and is on Chipley Sand formation. It is 24 acres with paved country road frontage, and is twice as deep as its frontage is wide.

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Permaculture Design Course
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Geoff Lawton
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Date: Apr 2014

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