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Janta Wheelhouse
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Karuna,Church Stretton, Shropshire., United Kingdom
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Cool Temperate

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Picklescott, Church Stretton,, GB


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Onward we grow & flow.

Posted by Janta Wheelhouse about 13 years ago

"Time is short and the best fertilizer is the gardeners shadow. So we share with pictures,the acheivements we have arrived at through hard work & solidarity. Very difficult to make small steps forward In England especially/beautiful magical Shropshire."

A big thank you to all who have supported Karuna through the long Planning appeals process (3.5 yrs) and helped in raising money to move forward with the approved workshop and polytunnel developments.(See photos)

Come and get somethimg to eat when you are ready.

How can LPA's (local planning authorities) be given the power to harass those who wish to live harmlessly,close to nature and practice  permaculture as a lifestyle,as an holistic existance.Permaculture should be given the same recognition as any other form of agriculture.Here in the U.K and elsewhere.The hour has struck,it is time to apply alternatives.That or perish.

We will always need  this WAY in our lives because we are already too unbalanced through systematic conditioning, and we can at least replace some of the stolen treasure we were all born to celebrate.We need Karuna for the land,sea and sky.

We need eachother...we need love,we need to grow and survive this mess in which we have arrived.

Too much work to do so less words and onwards we travel.

Pictures always save time and they enable our shadows to be caste more frequently upon the land which sustains us and takes us back. 

What I mean to say is we should be gardening not sitting for too long in front of these damned 'machines'...pull yourself away !You know there are better things to do.

Have a groove as you grow your food,peace to you all. 


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