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Stefanie Albrecht
Berlin, Deutschland, Germany
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Cool Temperate

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LesJardinsdeMacabou Ndanifor Permaculture Eco-Village Ecovillage Madagascar projet en stand by "éco-centre du Tévelave" La Meule Permaculture Farm Kudumu Resilience Centre: DRC The Congo Project tomato eco
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About Stefanie Albrecht

I am currently doing my master in Integrated Natural Resource Management at Humboldt-University in Berlin. My previous work experience is in media and communication working for publishers and agencies in Germany and Australia. As this work was not fulfilling and rather adding to than solving some of the most urgent problems of consumption and lifestyle I decided to refocus. Hence I am back at uni. Parallel I am taking an online course in permaculture as the agricultural methods thought at uni are rather "outdated" and the focus is more on developmental work and resource management. I have a garden where I apply my permaculture knowledge however I would love to learn more working on a farm for a few months during my semester break. Ideally also studying and speaking French. It's been a while.

I love to learn and teach, I love solutions and am an optimist. I like being creative, am into upcycling and have recently started collecting my ideas and inspiration in a blog creativegreenlife.wordpress.com. I am passionate about food. Nature. People... I came across permaculture in Australia, especially in Tasmania. I am now looking for more experience and guidance. Courses are great but hands-on-experience and having a mentor are my prefered learning method. This is what I am searching now.


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