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Albert Anderson
Traverse City, MI, United States
Climate Zone:
Cold Temperate

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About Albert Anderson

I've always wanted to "create". As a child I thought I might want to become an electrical engineer. I spent a number of years in the United States Air Force, in a very technical field. I enjoyed the challenge, and the opportunity to mentor others. After the service, I attended college for Business and Accounting, finding a great love of economics, and working jobs along the way to learn more about how business really works, including my own start-up venture.

It was the love of economics that eventually led me to permaculture. Huh? Yup. Economics led me to politics, where I had my fill after a year or two. I came to realize that politics doesn't have solutions, just more problems and things to frustrate me, make me sad, and stir an unhealthy anger. What it did give me was a deeper dependence on talk radio and podcasts. In the realms of podcasting, I left politics and found a design science that offered real solutions: Permaculture.

I currently live in a cookie-cutter suburban landscape in Northern Michigan, which isn't ideal but is going to be a proving ground for the permaculture techniques that I'm learning. Eventually my family would like to move - but until then, we'll do our best here.


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