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Nancy Thomsen
Grimstad, Norway
Climate Zone:
Cold Temperate

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Fattoria dell'Autosufficienza Kalen Veduna Centre Istituto italiano di permacultura Quinta do Vale da Lama Cities as power plants
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About Nancy Thomsen

I have travelled and seen a lot of our beautiful planet. We are all so lucky to live on this blue planet that we must change the current destructive living pattern so many of us live by.
For the last few years I have realised that we need to move back towards nature again in our quest to live in a sustainabel future.
I started growing my own organic vegetables and clearing some old moorish teracces in a beautiful mountain village in Spain a few years back and it was a wonderful journey! I had no experience so it was reading a lot and then practising it. It was so rewarding working in nature everyday, and after months of hard work seeing it all grow, then harvest, ahh so beautiful!
I realised that I knew so little about the basic skills that humanity need for its survival: growing our own food, preserving, building shelter etc. Also how much healing power there is in nature and I started getting very interested in herbs and other healing plants and I experimented with making my own creams and really want to learn more.
I am searching for more knowledge and have recently discovered Permaculture after my first visit in Croatia last winter. I have since read up a bit and I am now moving towards taking a course this summer and getting some reading material. I want to live in balance with Mother Nature and I am a motivated student:)
I am very grateful and inspired that there are already so many of us out there already well on the way with permaculture and I cant wait to learn,experience and share the knowledge!


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