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Katy Momo Fox
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
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Cool Temperate

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About Katy Momo Fox

I am a social anthropologist and have researched the impacts of EU agriculture policy on the lives of subsistence farmers in Romania. My follow-up research in Romania brought to the fore environmental questions which eventually led me to permaculture in 2009. It was quite life-changing.
In my research I have always combined activism and social science, and I have been very interested in deliberative paths for desired social change, the interconnections between ecosystems and social systems, and subsistence farming strategies.
In 2010, I moved back to Luxembourg and set up CELL, the Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg, a laboratory for transitional and permaculture ethics and practice. The idea was to make Luxembourg a Transition bioregion, and I am working towards that with my CELL team.
see: http://cell.lu/
At the beginning of 2011, I registered for my Permaculture Diploma, and will do steady, slow work on this in the areas of CELL design, ecorenovation design and land-based designs for myself and other people.
I am interested in meeting people in the area of Luxembourg/Germany/France with similar interests in self-sufficient living, awareness raising strategies and transition towns, and LEARNING, exchanging, enjoying! :)


My Badges
My Permaculture Qualifications
Permaculture Design Course
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Aranya Gardens
Other Teachers: Trish, Abby, Looby
Location: Monkton Wyld Court, Dorset, UK
Date: Jan 2010

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