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Hiromi Matsubara
Chiba, Japan
Climate Zone:
Cool Temperate

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About Hiromi Matsubara

Founder of greenz.jp, a green blog and collective
individuals of social/community designers, catalysts based in Tokyo, Japan (http://greeenz.jp)

Producer of IRIE CAFE located in the suburban surf town of Ichinomiya, Chiba where it aims to bring the community together to promote ideas of sustainable living and providing practical, enjoyable solutions to make life more fun, self reliant, resourceful and happier.

Hiromi's previous career includes working for
General Electric where she held various positions in sales, marketing in the financing industry and organized public relations and for company CSR initiatives and community programs. After several years in the competitive, goal driven business world, she came across the concept and philosophy of permaculture and was so intrigued by such sustainable living practices. So she left in pursuit of a new adventure and in 2007, co-created “greenz.jp” and has brought the vision and strategy of greenz.jp to economic value and promoting the brand globally.

Now she is looking for a new path in life and career, more down to earth, integrating the permaculture ways of thinking in her life.

Deep in love with the ocean and a hard-core surfer and windsurfer, also sits on the board of Surfrider Foundation Japan

Blog (some post in English) http://greenz.jp/hiromi


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