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Angelo Contessi
Oslo, Norway, Norway
Climate Zone:
Cold Temperate

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Istituto italiano di permacultura Ecovillage Monte Venere the food forest
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About Angelo Contessi

I am 30 years old Certified Permaculture Designer, I come from an Italian village approaching the Orobie Alps near Iseo lake in Lombardy region.I have been living and working abroad during the last 7 years in Netherlands and Scandinavia, between Finland and Norway. By living in countries where fresh and tasty produce are not always the ordinary, I then started researching the origin and availability of clean food free of pesticide and growing techniques that would impoverish people and their environment. I developed an interest in wild food and the primitive act of foraging, being fascinated by the purity and richness of these often forgotten natural produce. Embracing and supporting the organic movements within the town I have lived in and experimenting different style of cousins and discovering their hearty traditional products, with great attention to seasonality and sustainability, I have grown much greater interest and understanding in food production processes within our food system.

I have felt the need to literally get back to the earth and make a clear turn in my life style. After some further readings and research I've got fascinated by the permaculture concepts, goals and ethics. I thought this can be a great starting point so I decided to switch from my previous background as IT consultant and invest some effort investigating and learning more about food production, ecology regenerative agriculture and the pre existing techniques and process used by nature and by the people working with nature to enhance the environment strength in a ethical and regenerative way.

I had the great opportunity to get my PDC at Ridgedale Permaculture, in Va╠łrmland, Sweden. Here Richard Perkins and a group of intern partnering with nature just begun to transform an old Swedish farm into a dedicated Regenerative Agriculture & Permaculture hub. In the 2 weeks training I familiarized with soil building techniques, landscape design, Keyline Design, Holistic Management and Agroforestry.

Since a kid back in Italy I have learned to respect nature and its rules, valuing the farmers work and local growers. But it's been a great step forward to learn on the field the Permaculture principles and tools available to make those goals reality like Keyline design and Holistic management. The sum of these techniques allowed a much better understanding of the power of landscape design.

My goal is to constantly increase my understanding within the ecological and regenerative side of land managing, and its connection with the people and society; this is why I am planning further training in different climate zones. One of my goal would be also to be able to apply my learning on my own piece of land. I inherited half hectare of land from my great gran father which has been grazed by different cattle and yielded hay for the winter season since more than 100 years. This would be one project I would like to develop.


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Aid worker
My Permaculture Qualifications
Pri verified
Permaculture Design Course
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Richard Perkins
Location: Sweden
Date: Sep 2014

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