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Marcello Bianchi
Grumes, Trentino Alto Adige - Südtirol, Italy
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Milkwood Zaytuna Farm, The home of the permaculture Research Institute   Fattoria dell'Autosufficienza the food forest Ecovillage Monte Venere Ecovillaggio Corricelli Casa nella Foresta Del Monte, Arcola pian del rosso Maso Zepp Apline Microfarm
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About Marcello Bianchi

Marcello is an agricultural entrepreneur, educator and consultant, graduated in permaculture and specialized in natural agronomic techniques, in particular in the intensive production of organic vegetables.

His professional agricultural training began in 2011 when he moved to Australia, where he alternated work in conventional monoculture farms and biological farms designed in permaculture.
The following year, he obtained the PDC Certificate at the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia and began working with Geoff Lawton at his farm. He returned to Italy and settled in Trentino alpine region, where he worked as an agricultural worker.

In 2015 he founded Maso Zepp Apline Microfarm, an holistic micro-farm recognized for its permaculture design and high productivity in limited spaces. Since then he has been involved in the recovery of abandoned land, construction of strategic infrastructure, cultivation of vegetables and breeding of laying hens.

Since 2016 Marcello partecipated to developed various projects aimed at enhancing local products, the environment and rural biodiversity.

As an educator, Marcello places a strong emphasis on the intelligent design of farms, on appropriate technologies and on the use of the power of soil biology as a key component of successful agriculture.
His mission is to inspire, educate and empower people to work together to promote sustainable and natural income farming practices.

Beyond his passion for his work and his mission, Marcello is a passionate reader, a traveler, a loyal friend, a lover of mountains, good music, good food and beer.


Personal website: www.masozepp.it


My Badges
Consultant Pdc teacher
My Permaculture Qualifications
Pri verified
Permaculture Design Certificate Course
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Geoff Lawton
Other Teachers: Paul Taylor
Location: The Permaculture Research Institute 1158 Pinchin Road The Channon, NSW 2480 Australia
Date: Sep 2012
Other course unverified
Earthworks Agriculture Training
Type: Earthworks
Teacher: Sandy Munro
Location: Norland Pastoral PTY LTD, Moree NSW Australia
Date: Mar 2012
Other course unverified
The Food Forest
Type: Aid Worker
Teacher: graham brookman
Location: The Food Forest Permaculture Farm, Gawler SA Australia
Date: Jul 2012
Other course unverified
Goat Management
Type: Other
Teacher: Jason Allen
Location: MonJas Permaculture Farm, Mt Barker SA Australia
Date: Aug 2012
Other course unverified
Cattle and Sheep Breeding in childhood experience
Type: Other
Location: Italian Alps
Date: Jan 1992
Other course unverified
Beekeeping course
Type: Other
Teacher: Fondazione Edmund Mach
Location: Grumes (Trentino Südtirol) Italy
Date: Mar 2014
Other course unverified
Educational Farm Tutor
Type: Teacher Training
Teacher: Fondazione Edmund Mach
Location: Trentino Alto-Adige/Südtirol (Italy)
Date: Oct 2014
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