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Linda Hall
Mirboo , Victoria, Australia
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Cool Temperate

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About Linda Hall

At first I was just a good little parrot at school and became a nurse like I was told to, but then I went OS in the 70's and discovered natural medicine and community living at Findhorn in Britain. My desire for the truth grew into a thirst for understanding of many things.
I became a naturopath and an information source for vaccine dangers. For years I tried to communicate information to others less able to research or evaluate balanced information but most people shun the truth. I found less in common with the system's ways and more satisfaction in finding better ways. My gardening changed from flowers and power hungry methods to edibles and renewables when I moved to a suburban block with 60 fruit trees and chooks on it. I read books on permaculture etc. Then 8 years ago my 29 y.o. daughter and I moved onto 5 acres to include animals and water in the picture. Now it just needs a few more like minded folk to contribute their ideas and energy to become more self reliant. We also make music, food and home crafts the centre of our days and love our pets. We have room for 2 or 3 small dwellings to be constructed according with permit requirements.


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