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Jordan Saunders
Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada
Climate Zone:
Cold Temperate

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About Jordan Saunders

I am a 24 year old nature lover who was born in Jasper, Alberta the heart of the Rocky Mountains and was mostly raised just on the footsteps of the Southern Alberta Rockies in Black Diamond. Since high school I have traveled extensively overseas as well as lived in Victoria on Vancouver Island. I have worked all jobs imaginable in that time span and enjoy acquiring new practical skills to add to my repetoir.

I was first inspired by a whole system approach I suppose by Joel Salatin whom I'm sure many of you know. I had always had an appreciation for the natural world but didn't see many solutions to our current destructive way of life. That has grown into a full blown dedication to permaculture practices (although very new to me).

Currently I am taking my PDC through Verge Permaculture in Calgary Alberta. Rob and Michelle Avis are the teachers and are the most inspiring people I have ever met (after only 2 days!). The passion that they have for sharing their extensive knowledge is contagious! I am currently working on plans and designs for 10 raised bed gardens in community members yards throughout my hometown. I have received a grant to help me with this and am very interested in ideas for creating a strong foundation to allow for future growth on these sites. I also have access to larger rural properties but want to hone my skills before expanding. There is a major opportunity for permaculture designers in this community if anyone is interested in acreages/farms to dig into! I view permaculture to be the hope and future of a healthy and sustainable human race. May all of you continue your amazing work!




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