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Michael Wienboecker
Travelton, Germany
Climate Zone:
Cool Temperate

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Geoff Lawton
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About Michael Wienboecker

I dedicate my life to learn more about everything what makes me and my Environment healthy and what allows me to unfold my own potential in order to have as much positive influence I can have in this life time.

-I was born in Poland 25 years ago

-Grew up in german countryside. I was always confronted by and passionate about working with the land.

-Studied in Vienna/Austria Management of Environment and Natural Resources 2010-2013. There I've heard first about Permaculture.

-2013-2014 I lived in NZ where I wwoofed through 4 different projects in the Permaculture context.

-2014-2015 I lived in Austalia where I worked as landscaper/gardener. July 15 I did my PDC at the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia/Zaytuna Farm. Afterwards I worked there as a volunteer for 2 month. (reference available).

I worked in my life in many different areas to finance my path and got in touch with different ways of living and thinking. This allows me to adapt very fast and to find creative ideas to solve problems and improve exsisting systems. Meanwhile I established a wide range of practical skills and knowledge which are usefull for permaculture and which allows me to work selfreliable and efficient at projects.

From my individual perspective is permaculure most beneficial in medium scale dimension. That is why I'll put my focus on People Care and Ecovillage Design.
Besides I am interested in Natural Building and healing plants.

I am looking for Project where I can take responsibilities and work selfreliable to maintain exisisting systems and help developing new ones.
Preferably in Europe or Asia for a longer term.


My Badges
Aid worker
My Permaculture Qualifications
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Salah Hammad
Other Teachers: david spicer
Location: PRI Australia
Date: Jul 2015

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