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Fiona Morris
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Wageningen, Netherlands
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Cool Temperate
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Wageningen, NL

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About Fiona Morris

Fiona is a Landscape Architect who researched and studied permaculture from 2009 as part of her MSc. design work. She completed a PDC in early 2010 with Aranya (UK) and began to work with Transition Towns in the Netherlands soon after, designing and developing a permaculture demonstration and experimentation garden for the locality. Her scientific and urban design knowledge, plus specialisms in urban agriculture and biodiversity, are applied to bottom-up or top-down urban projects. As a total believer in action learning she is also to be found up to her elbows in mud on the workdays at the local permaculture garden.

Fiona uses permaculture as an ecological design method in environmental design projects of all types and sizes. She lectures on urban agriculture, ecological design, and community projects. On request from local sustainability movements and through a local network she teaches introduction to permaculture courses, tailor-made permaculture design courses, and continues to research and trial permaculture techniques.


PDC 2014 - Feb 22nd - Wageningen, NL, City of Life Sciences!

This year Fiona is tutoring a 'Dutch-style' PDC (72 hours, 9 course days, one a month). There are lectures, design sessions, fieldwork at TTPermatuin, site visits (e.g. Food Forest Ketelbroek), and guest speakers on many topics. There will be a focus on s

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My Badges
My Permaculture Qualifications
Permaculture Design Certificate Course
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Aranya Austin
Other Teachers: Peter Cow
Location: High Heathercombe, Devon
Date: Mar 2010

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