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Giuseppe Sannicandro
Bitonto, Italy, Italy
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About Giuseppe Sannicandro

Giuseppe Sannicandro designs and teaches Permaculture in Italy, Greece, Switzerland and Spain. He got a Permaculture Diploma in Tenerife and is recognized as a Permaculture Diploma Tutor by the Italian Permaculture Accademy.
He is graduated in Philosophy, ethics and politics, studing ecological issues and, at the same time, looking at ecology as the only possible source of solutions.
He studied subjects as water harvesting and management with Brad Lancaster, Organic and Regenerative Agriculture with Jairo Restrepo Rivera, cultivation without irrigation, Food Forest, Keyline design, strawbale and earthen building, geodesic domes.

Since he met permaculture he started to develop synergistic gardens, food forests, educational projects for children and young people focused on agroecology, natural and sustainable lifestyle.

In his city he founded and coordinated for many years a local buying group with some friends, promoting organic agriculture, «Do It Yourself» products, and networks between farmers and consumers. Since 2013 he manages an experimental site with different gardening techniques and a food forest with a group of passionate friends.

He designs and gives consultancies for farms, ecovillages, urban permaculture projects. He organizes and teaches in permaculture workshops and courses, in particular PDC, water management, soil developement, gardening and food forest establishment.


My Badges
Consultant Pdc teacher
My Permaculture Qualifications
Other course verified
Water Harvesting
Type: Other
Teacher: Brad Lancaster
Location: Castellana Grotte (BA) Italy
Date: Sep 2013
Other course unverified
Seed Saver
Type: Other
Teacher: Alberto Olivucci
Location: Castellana Grotte (BA) Italy
Date: Sep 2013
Pri verified
Permacultura Mediterranea
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Rhamis Kent
Other Teachers: Doug Crouch, Saviana Parodi, Stefano Mattei
Location: Bari (Italy)
Date: Oct 2013
Corso di Progettazione in Permacultura
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Saviana Parodi
Location: Bolsena (Italy)
Date: Jul 2012
Full Permaculture Design Course
Type: Online Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course
Verifying teacher: Rod Everett
Other Teachers: Mill Millichap
Location: Ostuni (Ba) Italy
Date: Sep 2014
Other course unverified
Corso di Agricoltura Organica e Rigenerativa
Type: Soil Biology/Compost
Teacher: Jairo Restrepo Rivera
Location: Rofrano (SA) Italy
Date: Jun 2014
9 PDC Graduates (list)
0 PRI PDC Graduates (list)
4 Other Course Graduates (list)
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