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Craig Gallagher
Nambucca Heads, NSW, Australia
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Warm Temperate

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LivinginPeace Project: Paul Murray
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About Craig Gallagher

After doing very basic permaculture in my backyard in Melbourne for a few years I finally made it to PRI Australia in January 2009 to sit a PDC. Realising the need to do the practical aspect as well in order to really grasp what was going on and clock up some experience I stayed on and worked for Geoff as a design consultant and farm manager. In that time I met many wonderful people and hopefully Ill link up here with those who I have lost contact with.

At present Im working on a 100 acre blank canvas near Nambucca Heads NSW. Gorgeous place, bit of a mission to design but Im getting there. We started 12 months ago but the project was put on hold and Ive only just made it back (May 2011). Possibly an Earthworks course here in October. Planning to start PDC's in the NY.

Off to co-teach a PDC in Karamea NZ in August. This is all subject to getting students on board so if you know anyone looking to do a PDC this is very affordable, even if flying in from Australia. We have kept the price down so as to get people along, also the accommodation at Rongo's is very cozy indeed.

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