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Janelle Schafer


  • Joined: 23/05/2011
  • Location: Nimbin, NSW, Australia
  • Climate Zone: Sub-tropical
  • Gender: Female

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About Janelle Schafer

Janelle has a background in Horticulture and art. In the late 1980's Janelle was introduced to Permaculture first in Sydney through Padstow TAFE, Phillip Booth and Rosemary Morrow.
Janelle then moved to the Northern Rivers NSW, studied extensively with Jude and Michel Fanton, particularly short courses on what will grow well in our North Coast Wet season, and completed a PDC with Jude Fanton and Bill Mollison in 1991.Janelle and her actor husband Iain set up terraced gardens on the red kraznozem soils of Tuntable Ck. These gardens are now 20 years old and a living example of a Permaculture Food forest- with all it's foibles.
One can witness the possibilities in some of the plantings- of particular interest is the micro-coffee plantation, based on the Indian system, planting the coffee beneath the Silky Oaks and interplanted with jackfruits and valuable sub-tropical timber trees.
Janelle currently teaches Permaculture and other related courses at Djanbung Gardens in Nimbin with pioneer Robyn Francis and also through the Northern Rivers Foodlinks programs.Janelle has also been teaching Food Forests and Orchards both at Djanbung gardens and also Byron Region Community College
Janelle has been an active member of Permaculture International Limited and the Permafund Committee.