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Aaron Jerad


  • Joined: 03/02/2011
  • Last Updated: 03/02/2011
  • Location: Hotchkiss, Colorado, United States
  • Climate Zone: Cold Temperate
  • Gender: Male
  • Web site: aaronjerad.com

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    PRI Zaytuna Farm, NSW, Australia The GrowHaus Milkwood Mountain Roots Community Gardens Project Permaculture Institute True Nature Farm - Sustainable Living & Wilderness School Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute



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About Aaron Jerad

I'm inspired to be actively engaged in permaculture because it offers a positive, proactive and practical approach to many of the challenges that we face at this point in history. It also just feels good and like the absolute right thing to be doing. Living permaculture is an awakening experience for me, it constantly shifts the way I look at myself and the world.

I have a background and training as an artist and love to create just for the sake of it. However the most satisfying creative work arises when creative inspiration and useful functionality are combined. Permaculture design puts these two together for me.

However it goes even further because the canvas and media which permaculture uses are living environments, plants animals, peoples lives, their homes, and communities. To responsibly and ethically work in these areas I feel my role as a teacher, designer and consultant is to constantly learn and apply what I know, listen, to ask relevant questions, and stay open to people's needs.

I grew up on an organic apple orchard and after a career as professional musician returned to my roots on the land. I started my permaculture training by self-learning and experimenting. For years I had yearned to visit Australia, the homeland of my favorite musical instrument, the didgeridoo. However, it was permaculture which provided the opportunity and purpose to make the trip and I went to study in Australia with Geoff Lawton.

I spent a year there with several teachers in different areas including Geoff Lawton and David Holmgren. When I returned to the US I went to work applying what I learned to our 10 acre property.

3 years later the new systems of trees, animals and people feel like they have passed the 'baby' stage and starting to support themselves.

I teach regular introduction courses and have been working with youth in our local alternative school. In fact, my first full PDC was taught to teenagers.


Urban Home Gardening Workshop

May 3-4 in Denver, Colorado. With a new baby in arms, they have a little less time and energy to get their spring garden in order. “Turning the Problem into the Solution” is a favorite permaculture catch phrase which applies very well to this situation...

Posted almost 2 years ago (0 comments)

Keep gas wells out of Delta County.

A letter to the Bureau of Land Management... against natural gas leases near my home.

Posted about 4 years ago (0 comments)

Trading Post CSA website under development.

The Trading Post CO-OP and CSA has me building a website to feature the store, restaurant and CSA. Heres a peek at some of the text from the site:

Posted about 5 years ago (0 comments)

Vision Community School Design and Permaculture Course

An upcoming month long course for local students enrolled in the vision program.

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