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Kevin Mascarenhas
London, United Kingdom
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Cool Temperate
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My Projects

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Occombe Farm Forest Garden

Occombe Farm Forest Garden

Paignton, South Devon, GB

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About Kevin Mascarenhas

When the pain of Investment Banking became too much, I got out. For the last two years, I've been travelling, studying and working across the planet. I spent time working with Geoff Lawton, who burned away the haze with laser precision and now I am following my permaculture path.

I'm setting up an ecological design consultancy while working towards my Diploma in Permaculture. My interests include yoga, salsa, macrobiotics, empowerment of community and self, and all things related to sustainable design - Honestly, I just want to get my hands in the soil and spend time with others that want to do the same.

I'm interested in hearing from anyone who wants to mull over permaculture ideas, or is looking to collaborate on ingenious projects.

Diploma in Applied Permaculture. My projects include:
* Design and manage the waste and water management strategy for FarmEco, Nottinghamshire 2011
* Design and implement the tea garden roof space for Evolve Yoga and Wellness Centre, South Kensington 2011
* Design and implement a forest garden for Occombe Farm, S.Devon 2010
* Design and implement a piggery into an agroforestry system in rainforest of Belize 2010
Permaculture Design Certificate Tasmania, Australia 2009
Yoga Alliance teacher training Goa, India 2009 RYT200


My Badges
My Permaculture Qualifications
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Rick Coleman
Location: Tasmania
Date: Apr 2009
Other course verified
Dry Tropics Permaculture (3 months)
Type: Internship
Teacher: Andrew Jones
Location: Baja, California Sur, Mexico
Date: Feb 2010
Other course verified
Wet Tropics Permaculture (3 months)
Type: Internship
Teacher: Christopher Nesbitt
Location: Mayan Mountain Research Farm, Belize
Date: Dec 2010
Other course verified
Type: Other
Teacher: Darren J. Doherty
Location: Cowdray Hall, UK
Date: Oct 2011

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