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Jérémy Huet
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Conflans St Honorine, France
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Cool Temperate
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About Jérémy Huet

Hello there! I'm actually a web developer in a french company in Paris. I've been working in that area since 7 years now and started to be insterested into ecology 5 years ago. I started with the "ungrowth" movement and then got involved into Greenpeace as a volunteer into a local group.

Then, 3 years ago a friend of mine introduced me to permaculture, he had a bunch of videos he found on the internet and i watched a few of them. It seemed to me very amazing and incredible to see all the possibilities this was opening to the world. I did a course, not a permaculture course though, it was more of a ecological agriculture course made by a french association Kokopelli. It has been my first real introduction to working with the soil and really got me into it.

In 2009 i participated to the first permaculture meeting in France, held by Brin de paille a french permaculture association. There, i really started to meet people knowing what permaculture is, it really pleased me and i still have a good memory of it. I few months later i started to participate a bit into Brin de paille by helping around web stuff.

Now, i'm still living in an urban area, with my lovely wife in a big studio. I created an AMAP farther down south as i think it is a very intersting way to help people getting closer to agriculture when they live in a urban area. I don't have much plan directly related to permaculture right now, but we do grow some vegetables here!

If for some reason you would pass by the north-west Paris, you'll be more than welcome to stop by us ! You can even do it via my profile on Couchsurfing if you want here : http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/tat4nka/

See you !


Greening the desert II with french subtitles

Some volunteers and I wanted this video of Geoff Lawton to be more easily seen by french people, so we worked on its subtitles. Quelque volontaires et moi voulions que cette vidéo de Geoff Lawton soit plus facilement accessible à la francophonie, nous

Posted over 12 years ago (2 comments)
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