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Guy Miklos
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Stockholm, Sweden, Sweden
Climate Zone:
Cold Temperate

My Projects

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Quinta do Siexo

Quinta do Siexo

Mirandela, PT

Hunting Estate

Hunting Estate

La Chapelle d´Aligné, FR

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About Guy Miklos

I'm an experienced and diploma certified designer and teacher available for courses and site design.
You can reach me on
guy.miklos.se "at" gmail.com

My Approach to Permaculture …

… always evolves from the landscape’s capabilities, its environs, ecology and people. I try never to impose lines or patterns from the drawing board, but always to learn from what I observe, elaborating on what the landscape suggests.

Relevant Courses & Qualifications

My Permaculture design teachers were:

  • Geoff Lawton
  • Bill Mollison
  • Brad Lancaster
  • Warren Brush

    – all tremendously inspiring.

    Here's a sample from my design portfolio:
    Urban Park, and
    Community Desert Garden.

    My own teaching trajectory includes various courses in teacher training including Suggestopedia, Problem Based Learning, and Teaching in Higher Education, as well as a three year teaching diploma in dance, all of which I have put into practice. I have lead university staff training sessions in curriculum design based on student-oriented learning objectives.

    Completing a doctorate in systems science enriched me with over a decade of teaching experience as well as the opportunity to design courses in design, mostly of complex systems. These are transferable design skills. Academic work left me with a scientifically critical approach to knowledge, and study of this field yielded a good understanding of one of Permaculture’s holistic cornerstones – systems theory.

    Current Activities

    Consulting and designing landbased solutions in various countries is a joyful learning experience.

    Career in a Nutshell

    I have worked as a stage artist, choreographer, translator, singer, tour director, theatre producer, designer, lecturer, researcher, and author.

    My Ingress Into Permaculture

    The approach and techniques my father and I had been using on our allotment in Stockholm, were pretty much most of what Permaculture is. A few visitors recognised this but we said that we weren't doing Permaculture, since we'd never heard of it. Then we started to read up on the subject, and immediately recognised how our whole concept fitted in with the more deeply elaborated paradigm of Permaculture, which we subsequently whole heartedly embraced.

    It seems there is a deficit of teachers. I enjoy teaching Permaculture design and am delighted to join other teachers on PDCs in Sweden and abroad.

    Topics That Interest Me

  • Botany
  • Ecology
  • Cybernetics
  • Design
  • Human consciousness
  • The rationality of irrationality
  • Adult education

    Topics That Bore Me

  • economics
  • politics
  • dogmatic beliefs
  • unsubstantiated opinion


    3-year teaching diploma in Dance from the Royal Ballet School in London

    Ph.D in Systems Science from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm

    3-month internship at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

    2-month training course in Adult Education from the Royal Institute of Technology

    2-weeks training in Problem Based Learning at Linköping University

    2 weeks training in Suggestopedia at Centre for Holistic Learning with Anna Cramér

    Driver's licence

    72 hour PDC

    ... and many shelf-meters of books on design and nature.

    Other Skills

    My languages in decreasing proficiency include English, Swedish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Bahasa Indonesia. I'd like to learn Swahili.

    I'm computer literate and use Adobe Illustrator as a layered design tool for landscape architecture and garden design. For construction projects I often make 3 dimensional models with SketchUp Make.

    My knowledge of plants and horticulture is fairly extensive for cold temperate, temperate, mediterranean, and desert climates.

    Like to sing
    Like to tango

    It troubles me that believers in woo-woo/new-age/spirit-invocating/unfalsifiable pseudo-science have appropriated Permaculture. Such beliefs are both irrelevant and contrary to the ideas and intentions of Permaculture's originators.

    Moreover, these additions to Permaculture deeply undermine its credibility in the eyes of those who might otherwise afford it more support and recognition, and who have the means to do so: funding agencies, politicians, and scientists.

    I therefore expend considerable effort to design sites in such a way as to camouflage the overwhelming evidence for the super-natural qualities of: tantric swales, crystal-energised gabions, aura-glowing behives, chakrarised hugelkultur, cosmic quantum composting, and transcendental zoning, lest somebody get the wrong idea about what Permaculture is.

    I offer specialist work-shops on how to do this. For bookings please visit metafizziksBgone.con

  • Updates

    Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design

    My 456 page portfolio, aligned to Diploma System 5.2 with the Permaculture Association in the UK. There is a video with my Diploma presentation, the portfolio content includes nearly all the designs, as well as critique of the diploma system.

    Posted over 9 years ago (5 comments)
    My Badges
    Consultant Pdc teacher
    My Permaculture Qualifications
    Pri verified
    Permaculture Design Course
    Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
    Verifying teacher: Geoff Lawton
    Other Teachers: Bill Mollison, Warren Brush, Brad Lancaster
    Location: Amman, Jordan
    Date: Sep 2011
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    Climate Zones
    Guy Miklos has permaculture experience in:
    Cold Temperate
    Cool Temperate
    Warm Temperate
    Sub tropical
    Hot Desert

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