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Jonathan Beauchamp
Bandera, Tx, United States
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About Jonathan Beauchamp

I am an up and coming permaculture enthusiast. I grew up on a managed big game ranch so I have done more then my fair share of ranching and gardening. Though why people so thoughroughly enjoy paying a few grand to turn Bambi's dad into jerky was always beyond me. After high school I went to work drilling for millions of years old fossilized forest "oil" in the gulf of Mexico, but the constant grind of machinery and endless toil to fuel a system that I didn't agree with always left a bad taste in my mouth. So, after much deliberation, I left the oilfield to pursue a life in which I could help bring sanity to an obviously insane world. The pay cut was well worth the peace of mind.

I stumbled across some of Bill Mollison's work one afternoon, was astounded, and have been devouring all things sustainable design ever since. The thought that I could design a system today that would still be in production 30 years later, without a laundry list of chemical additives is immensely appealing.
I have laid the groundwork, now I want to expand out into the real world, beyond my front yard garden. Hopefully finding someone as eager to teach large scale permaculture and organic gardening as I am willing to learn. Then I'll come home and transform my family's overgrazed game ranch into the lush and fertile forest it was before the cattlemen came.


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