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Konstantin Kirsch 's Profile
Konstantin Kirsch
Nentershausen-Bauhaus-Triesch, Germany
Climate Zone:
Cool Temperate
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Nentershausen, DE


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Levensland Allmende - utopical forestgarden Biomeiler Jain Pain
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About Konstantin Kirsch

Born 1966
Civil service in nature protection
First contact to PK 1986
university studies in architecture

Diplom Permaculture Designer 1993 - 1996 at german Permaculture Institut with Declan Kennedy
Research for living architecture since 1986.
Permakulture projekt since 1993
german website: www.naturbauten.org
german website: www.waldgartendorf.de
german blog: www.konstantin-kirsch.de
english website: www.treedome.com

present activities: research and demonstration living architecture, running a oil mill for edible oil, promoting a self made regional money named "Minuto".


My Badges
Consultant Aid worker Pdc teacher
My Permaculture Qualifications
Other course unverified
PK Einführungskurs
Type: Introduction to Permaculture
Verifying teacher: Christoph Hatlapa
Other Teachers: Heribert Eschenbruch
Location: Prinzhöfte, Germany
Date: Jul 1989
Other course unverified
PK Einführungskurs
Type: Introduction to Permaculture
Verifying teacher: Christoph Hatlapa
Other Teachers: Konstantin Kirsch
Location: Nentershausen-Triesch
Date: Sep 1992
Other course verified
Permakultur Designer
Type: Permaculture Diploma
Teacher: Declan Kennedy
Location: Steyerberg
Date: Aug 1993
Other course verified
advanced design course
Type: Teacher Training
Teacher: Lea Harrison
Location: Prinzhöfte, Germany
Date: Sep 1994
Other course unverified
Diploma in Permaculture Design
Type: Permaculture Diploma
Verifying teacher: Christina Werdermann
Other Teachers: Heide Micah
Location: Rennau-Rottorf
Date: Sep 1996
Other course unverified
Agroforst- und Waldgartenplanung mit GIS
Type: Other
Teacher: Philipp Gerhardt
Location: Berlin
Date: Mar 2018
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Climate Zones
Konstantin Kirsch has permaculture experience in:
Cool Temperate

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