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Michael Nickels
Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada
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Cool Temperate
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About Michael Nickels

Michael Nickels brings 21 years of experience teaching and implementing permaculture practices throughout Canada, Australia, China, Mexico, Spain, and particularly Kenya. Michael has been involved with reforestation efforts in Kenya nearly every year for the past two decades, resulting in the planting of over seven million trees (and counting). Michael’s current focus is on self-sustainable food production in primary schools, with an emphasis on the exponential impacts that teaching permaculture skills in the school system has on the families and community members in addition to the students themselves.
Michael’s early years of completing a formal agribusiness education at the University of Guelph prompted his search elsewhere for sustainable and ecologically conscious methods of agriculture and forestry. The commitment and dedication that Michael and Seven Ravens have shown towards living and sharing a life dedicated to permaculture philosophies ensures a transformative experience for those yearning for alternatives to an education model based on unsustainable deforestation and chemical- and gene-based large scale farming.


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