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Vahik (Vik) Avaneas


  • Joined: 06/02/2012
  • Location: Sydney, Abu Dhabi, Australia
  • Climate Zone: Arid

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I grow up in farming family, where we were totally self-reliant and chemical free. I studied biological science. Worked in Accounting, then after having businesses in food industry for eighteen years I went back in to horticulture and structural landscaping business. In 2005 in the collage that I was doing my course I first hand saw this edible garden that was established by the students of permaculture intro course. That changed all my life and I went back to my roots again. Since then I have been involved with permaculture. I have done intro course, PDC, aid project management, teachers training, attended many expos promoting permaculture, many workshops, and two convergence.
Last two years I was on a life change work and holiday vacation in United Arab Emirate where I introduced permaculture and designed and established the first permaculture school garden in that country. My other project is in a technical college in Armenia that the design process has completed, we are still working on the funding, hoping to be ready for the implementation by the end of the March.