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TogaJoe Payne
Piggabeen Valley, NSW, Australia
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Permaculture Gold Coast Permablitz Gold Coast Zaytuna Farm, The home of the permaculture Research Institute
Byron Moriarty Kirsty Mack
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About TogaJoe Payne

Hi, I am Joe.

Born in USA and immigrated to Australia age 10 in 1975. I was raised in a cement suburbia by a non gardening family. My first job was in the aquarium & aquaculture industry, which I have never left. My only real attempts & success at growing plants was my fascination of orchid species.

In 2003 though still living a '4th floor city life', I made my first small aquaponics system. About this time I began to gain info and interest in permaculture and purchased Bill Mollisons "Permaculture - A Design Manual".
In 2010 a medical diagnosis and surgery saw me close my business after 12 years to concentrate on my health. I then relocated to a close friends semi rural property (rented huge 2 b/r 'granny flat' with owners living in main house) where I started up a large aquaponics project. The ethos and practices of aquaponics and permaculture finally blended in my mind.
So began my deepening interest in permaculture.

After relocating in 2010 and establishing of the aquaponics system (stage 1), we have modified one (of many) natural storm overflow channels that now leads to a hand constructed rock & clay 'frog pond' in a 30mtr steep gully covering approx 1 acre area. Total pond holding of about 80,000 ltrs & 40sq/m surface.
Since July 2011 my activites have been limited to small enhancements on the property including a large new worm compost, black soldier fly composter & building a 20sq/m 'hoop house'.
The next project's are to turn the 1 acre gully into a human food forest and commence stage 2 of the aquaponics system.

Health permitting, I would love to expand my permaculture interest, knowledge & social network with hands on experience by attending projects and courses within 50klms, of which there are many.


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