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Doris Pozzi
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victoria, Australia
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Warm Temperate

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About Doris Pozzi

I grew up in Australia in a Northern Italian family (polentoni!) where mum grew all our vegetables and we enjoyed many hours of foraging for mushrooms, chestnuts, blackberries and other 'wild edibles'. I have grown my own vegetables, tended fruit trees and had my own chickens for many years. In 2009 after being inspired by books like 'The One Straw Revolution', 'The Fat of the Land' and the core permaculture texts, I completed the PDC in Melbourne with Peter Allen (Pete the Permie).

I am a member of two local permaculture groups and just over a year ago my family and I began the conversion of a six acre property to include productive edible gardens, orchards and animals as a basis for a sustainable way of living.

I have spoken at a number permaculture groups and other local gardening and community groups about edible weeds, a topic about which I am a passionate enthusiast. Recently I authored a book called 'Edible Weeds and Garden Plants of Melbourne'. The book is available through the website www.hellolittleweed.com or www.edibleweeds.com.au and through CERES in Melbourne.

I have begun running Edible Weed Walks here in my local area and will continue to talk on this subject in an effort to introduce as many people as possible to this wonderful topic. It is my firm belief that together with actively growing our own food, a knowledge of edible weeds and other garden plants provides us with a sound basis for creating sustainable food systems on the planet.


Hello Little Weed at AutumnFest - Healesville March 19th 2011

Edible Weeds book will be for sale at AutumnFest on March 19th 2011

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