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Candice-Lee Sutton 's Profile
Candice-Lee Sutton
Groot Marico, North West Province, South Africa
Climate Zone:
Dry Tropical

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About Candice-Lee Sutton

One of my favourite childhood memories was spending time in my great grandmother’s garden planting veggies. I discovered Permaculture only a few years ago and in that time took a leap of faith, I had to throw away my Daniel Hechter suits, manicured nails and trade in my high heel shoes for a pair of gumboots
In September 2010 I left the city to get to my destination, the abundantly beautiful Groot Marico, parked my old overloaded caravan in the middle of an overgrown field and officially began my journey as a permaculture farmer. This was quite challenging at first as I had to carry 40l of water daily, build basic housing necessities and deal with the natural bushveld of snakes, scorpions and monkeys to name a few. My daily cleaning routine was a natural of bath in the nearby dam, which after time gave me an orange glow from all the red clay! All this excited me as every little thing you do in creating a self sustainable life style is rewarding and worth all the effort put into it and a humbling experience.
I received my PDC in 2011 with Ewalt, Having studied and continuously studying permaculture is helping me tremendously in designing and creating landscapes, facilitating workshops and consulting.

To date I’ve created food gardens for the Groot Marico community, facilitated Permaculture workshops with very diverse crowds and spent many inspiring hours on a friends farm.
My aim for this year is to empower and educate local people living in rural settlements, build gardens for the community and start a new project on a piece of land I’ve acquired


My Badges
Consultant Aid worker
My Permaculture Qualifications
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: PG (Petrus Groenewald) Ewald Viljoen
Location: Rustenburg South Africa
Date: Nov 2011

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