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Jeremiah Jene
Bonham, Tx, United States
Climate Zone:
Warm Temperate

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About Jeremiah Jene

I grew up as a military civilian. My Dad was in the military and we traveled every 3 years. When I was old enough to go on my own, I staid in IL for about 8 years doing construction. This eventually landed me in Nrth Central TX where I still do construction (build houses, shops, malls, garages, etc, etc, etc..)

I bought land in A town called duplex TX and started to learn how nature worked and acted on its own. After observing nature for a little over 6 years, I started to notice patterns in weather, in life, and in water movement in the earth. This lead to me building a pond in the shape of the U.S.

Later I lost this land as I was not able to pay the monthly bill. This was the start of permaculture for me. This is what started me researching, along with Father's Word (The scriptures).

Later my dad passed away and I ended up with 77 acres in north central TX. This is were permaculture has been my practice ever since. Starting with the water situation (we are in a second year severe drought here), and eventually getting the ground/earth back to living I began to plant trees, and the seven layers of permaculture without knowing much if anything about permaculture ... was just obeying Father's Word (The Scriptures). As I ran into a few problems I went online and discovered permaculture which is "almost" in alignment with Father's Word (The scriptures). Now ever since then I have combined Father's Word and permaculture and slowly putting it all into effect.


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