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Robert McKay
Bossier City, Louisiana, United States
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Warm Temperate
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SouthWoods Design, MN, USA Midwest Permaculture Nottinghill Edible Forest Garden Eden Study Center Community Cultivators 3/4 Acre Food Forest in North Texas Elisha's Spring - A PermaEthos Farm
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About Robert McKay

Rob is a 22 year Veteran of the United States Air Force and owns a small business in Northwest Louisiana which takes care of nuisance wildlife issues by using live removal and exclusion techniques primarily on bats and honey bees. Of course the added benefit of dealing with bats and honey bees are guano, wax and honey! Working with nature's critters requires an understanding of how they function.

He has long been interested in what makes a forest function so well without the input of Mankind. When he learned about the teachings of Bill Mollison, Geoff Lawton and many others, he sought out resources of that information and became a sponge; soaking up all that is involved in Permaculture. Rob has learned from several media sources and attended several Permaculture-centered classes with topics such as Earthworks (swale design and construction, site surveying, site design and development, natural irrigation design and development), plant selection, seed starting, seed inoculation, mulching, cover-cropping, composting, seed saving, collecting and storing and Plant Propagation (root cutting, air layering, tip layering, French layering, dropping, stem cutting, and grafting). He earned his first Permaculture Design Course Certificate (PDC) while attending a hands-on Permaculture Design Course at the Working with Nature Permaculture School in Plano TX and is currently enrolled in his second PDC with Geoff Lawton (2014 on-line PDC from PRI).

His current (main) project is developing a 5-acre Permaculture and Self-Sustainability Demonstration Site south of Bossier City Louisiana. The demonstration site will be used for training people about various permaculture techniques, water catchment, water recycling, earthworks, edible food forest design, raising livestock, proper grazing techniques, animal rotation, meat production, animal husbandry, plant propagation, and more. The property is in the process of being converted from a field which has to be mowed several times a year to an abundant Food Forest of herbs, nuts, fruits and vegetables which will provide sustainable bounty for years to come. It also has small livestock project in place with rabbits, chickens and Berkshire Hogs. The project will be documented and used as a template for others to learn from. We will be featuring teachings from several area instructors in order to promote Permaculture and Self-Sufficiency in the surrounding area.


My Badges
Consultant Aid worker Pdc teacher
My Permaculture Qualifications
Other course verified
Main Frame Earthworks Integrated with Zone One Urban Design
Type: Earthworks
Verifying teacher: Jack Spirko
Other Teachers: Nicholas Ferguson, Nicholas Burtner
Location: Fort Worth TX
Date: Nov 2013
Other course verified
SeedStarters.org's Self-Watering Seed Starter Workshop
Type: Gardening
Teacher: Chowgene Koay
Location: Working With Nature's Permaculture School's Urban Site, Plano TX
Date: Jan 2014
Permaculture Design Course
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Nicholas Burtner
Other Teachers: Josiah Wallingford, Warren Sippel Jr.
Location: Working With Nature's Permaculture School's Urban Site, Plano TX
Date: Feb 2014
Pri verified
Permaculture Design Course
Type: Online Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course
Teacher: Geoff Lawton
Location: PRI
Date: Apr 2014
Permaculture Design Course
Type: Online Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course
Teacher: Josiah Wallingford
Location: Permaethos
Date: Jul 2014
Other course verified
Earthworks Course
Type: Earthworks
Teacher: Geoff Lawton
Location: online
Date: Aug 2014
Other course verified
Reading the Landscape Course
Type: Other
Teacher: Geoff Lawton
Location: online
Date: Sep 2014
Other course unverified
Restoration Agriculture Workshop
Type: Other
Teacher: Mark Shepard
Location: Mchaffey Farms, Princeton LA
Date: Nov 2014
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