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Boyup Brook, WA, Australia
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Bunnyginup 1

Mayanup, AU


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About Ted Russ

Born '57, father was an Ag Eng, he worked in Arabia and Australia. I've learned from him and only recently started my own small-holding on a leased property. I have emphysema and am on a medical pension for it so I'm doing this as my tree change retirement hobby rather than as a business. It's hard to do this when your spare budget is about $20 - $40 per fortnight but as I'm proving, it can be and is do-able.

I'm a "home grown" permaculturist, because there may be courses around but generally you have to pay for those and because I'm on a pension I've had to teach myself. I'm proud to say that I seem to be a quick study, and having to do things the "lazy" way due to emphysema has only led to improvements in technique for me. Yes, I am proud of what I've achieved, now that you ask. I get fresh food from the venture, and barter for other stuff, so overall I'd say it's successful.

I have rabbits, poultry, a steer, and getting a few other small animals and an aquaponics system (albeit a bit different...) and since I only have an acre at the moment (but could get to 24 if I find the money for a long lease or purchase somehow) I'm limited to that and using a few acres around the farm for water collection. It's been the driest hottest summer in living memory here and I believe many farmers are going to have to adapt to that from now on for the foreseeable future, I'm trying to show an example with the alternative stock and crops and management practices.



hello to the people I've just started following

Posted about 13 years ago (1 comments)
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