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Phillip Bradley
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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About Phillip Bradley

I have had a long term interest in our planet and the need for us to tread more lightly in it's environment. My qualifications and experience are centred around education, business management, consulting and community development and aid work.

Some years ago, I began to come across people with an interest in permaculture through on-line blogs and websites that ran with the theme, including permaculturenews.org. It all unfolded as I spent time educating myself by reading, viewing video footage and connecting with others who had similar interests. And of course, practising permaculture at home in an urban setting helped me to see first hand the amazing changes that permaculture brings to the natural world. Ultimately, I completed my PDC at the Permaculture Research Institute with Geoff Lawton in April 2013.

I am establishing a consulting business, Applied Permaculture Design, and doing my best to excite people's interest in permaculture and to help them take their "tread more lightly" steps towards abundance, self-sufficiency and a more satisfying way of life.


My Badges
Consultant Pdc teacher
My Permaculture Qualifications
Pri verified
Permaculture Principles & Design
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Geoff Lawton
Other Teachers: Paul Taylor, eric seider
Location: Zaytuna Farm/PRI
Date: Apr 2013
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Cool Temperate
Sub tropical

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