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Lloyd Godman
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Victoria, Australia
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Warm Temperate
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About Lloyd Godman

Lloyd has had gardens in Hawaii - 1973 -74, Dunedin New Zealand - 1976 - 2005, and St Andrews Victoria, Australia from 2005. Establishing the garden at St Andrews has been the most difficult, the land had been gold mined and was very degraded, to compound this Lloyd began to plant fruit trees during the last years of a crippling drought and temperatures of 45 - 47 degrees. However through the process of making huge amounts of compost the orchard now boasts more than 160 varieties of fruit. He has always work on organic principles and the concept of feed the soil with humus.

As an artist Lloyd worked on many environmental projects from 1983, however in 1996 he began moving his art practice to work with plants from the Bromeliad family. His recent work includes super-sustainable air gardens that suspend and rotate in space on the breeze. Unlike vertical gardens these are completely unsupported with auxiliary watering systems and yet over a few years grow to provide a further resource to create new living sculptural air gardens.



damage on fruit skin is good for you

trees can heal skin damage on fruit and the healed area is healthy for you

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Inoculate your soil with millions of beneficial microbes!

a natural microbial soil inoculum

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organic spray for peach leaf curl that WORKS!

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Deer eating fruit trees

The ultimate way to stop deer and other animals damaging your fruit trees

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Almond Flowers

Pollinating Almond flowers

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