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Alexandre Albert
Louches, Pas-de-Calais, France
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Cool Temperate
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Le Potajungle

Le Potajungle

Louches, FR


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Hangzhou Permaculture Education Center Urban garden Permasphere Le chant des cerises La lande de prunoux Roches de Murat Brin de Paille Earth Passengers Terre Paille et Compagnie Het Voedselbos
Vaughn Cross
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About Alexandre Albert

We are a couple, Alexandre & Raphaƫlle, back from a travel in Asia to see and/or volunteer on sustainable projects / eco communities / organic farms.

We would like to apply some permaculture principle we learnt.
We want to share knowledges.
We are interested in Permaculture because we think this is a useful tool to build our house, grow our veggies and think about people around us.

We are interested in cooking / transforming / processing food. All kinds and way of conserving / fermented products (making tofu, fermented sauces, vinegars, tempeh, get oil out of nuts, fruits and seeds)

In the near future we will :

- open a plastic-free / unpackaged / DIY grocery store
- build our house.
- make our soap & shampoo
- grow our vegetables and ferment them :)
- make our vegetable oil
- make our Biofuel & Biogaz
- make our clothes with natural fibers
- make our dye out of plants
- collect rainwater and purify it to drink it

Now we gather more information specific to our country and types of soil to finally design our modest permaculture garden in Louches, where we live.

Gathered experiences so far :

- June 2012 : went for a 'tour' in a permaculture garden in Mouscron, Belgium
- October 2013 : Volunteered at Hangzhou Permaculture Educational Center, Zhejiang Province, China.
- November 2013 : Volunteered at Earth Passengers project in Doulan, Taitung County, Taiwan
- January 2014 : part of a workshop building an adobe house in Pun Pun Community, Chiang Mai District, Thailand
- February 2014 : back to France, looking for a location to do all these stuff.
- April 2014 : found a job in an organic food cooperative in Saint Omer
- Mai 2014 : moving in Louches


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