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Cabeção, Mora, Portugal
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Stop Pooing on Drinking Water!

Posted by Jorge Crespo about 13 years ago

This is the system used in Monte Aton to address the issue of humanure problems...

This is the way we at Monte Aton address the issue of converting a problem into an oportunity.

The oveall system mimics the Jenkins's system depectied in his Humanure book.

The system is composed of a bucket sized 42 cm high, 46 cm wide (top) and is self-supported.

This buckets suppport almost 1 month of an adult deposits.

The compost heap is made around  four EUR Pallet which was completly covered with extra pieces of wood to prevent animals of coming in.

This is as simple as this.

Pay close attention to manipulation and tools used with the compost heap as no interference with other tools used on your garden should ever happen.

The site will be fenced for extra protection for children and animals, though no harm should ever happen from being close to the place. This a cautionary approach only that should be followed at all time.

Take a look at monte-aton.org/index.php (portuguese only)

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João Gonçalves
João Gonçalves : Thanks for this example. What is the average weight of the bucket when it is full ? How are you moving this bucket ouside?
Posted almost 13 years ago

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Alexander Ihlo
Alexander Ihlo : I heard the flush toilet was invented by Mr. Crapper
Posted almost 13 years ago

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Consultant Aid worker
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Permaculture PDC course
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Lesley Anne Martin
Location: Cabaços, Odemira, Portugal; Europa
Date: Sep 2006
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Introdução à Construção em Taipa, Rammed Earth Introductory course
Type: Other
Teacher: Arq.Henrique Schreck
Location: Boavista dos Pinheiros, Portugal
Date: Aug 2005
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Photovoltaics, DIY
Type: Other
Teacher: Myself
Location: Monte-Aton, Cabeção, Mora, Portugal
Date: Dec 2008
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TeVEP, consultoria e organização
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Teacher: Andre L Jaeger Soares
Location: Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal
Date: Jun 2007

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