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Filipa Santos
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Fojo, Leiria, Portugal
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Internatinal permaculture research centre Quinta dos Melros O FOJO Permaculture | Integral Education Center
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About Filipa Santos

Product designer (Fine-Art School, University of Lisbon)
Permaculture designer (NOS Núcleo de Orientação Sustentável, with Doug & Gautier in Escola de Terra, Sintra)
Fusionglass artist.
I’ve learned than beyond these titles, I want to learn how to do everything.

I’m from the Algarve (south Portugal), I was born in Lisbon, and lived until I was 17 in Faro. In 2002 I went to Lisbon, by myself, to study in the big city. After 5 years of theoretical and artistic learning, in the wonderful world of a student, I find a big disillusion: reality! Then I begin to discover Permaculture world through my beloved partner Maurício, that introduces me a different way of living, that starts to question everytinh that I’ve learned util I was 22! Since that time that I walk to find a meaning, a reconstruction of the real scenario I'm living in.
In 2008 we had the opportunity to start the implementation of a Permaculture Project, named O FOJO, that goes in a way to be a Permaculture and Art forApprenticeship and Demonstration Site.
In August 2009 I make my PDC in Sintra. This was an important thing for me, it clarified a lot of doubts and preconceptions I had, living me with this notion:
Nature is perfect and we are part of it.

At this moment I’m in Transition to a more practical and responsible, less theoretical and ideal way of life.


Introdução ao Dragon Dreaming n'O Fojo - realizar sonhos com um extraordinário sucesso

DRAGON DREAMING é uma ferramenta que tem como objectivo transformar sonhos em realidade, através de uma concretização bem sucedida e sustentável, que nos leva por caminhos de ligação entre o pragmático e o lúdico, o sonho e a reunião de recursos, o fazer

Posted over 11 years ago (1 comments)

2º Curso de Introdução à Permacultura por Donativo n'O Fojo

O Fojo é um projecto de Permacultura que está a ser implementado desde 2009, liderado por nós, Maurício e Filipa! Desde então decorre um processo de aprendizagem pela prática, onde temos vindo a trabalhar com total dedicação e seriedade. A componente soci

Posted over 11 years ago (0 comments)

New EVENT : Permaculture Internship Two Moons at O Fojo

To whom is it dedicated? The Permaculture Internships Two Moons at O FOJO are opened to those that have attended apermaculture PDC (Permaculture Design Course Certificated) and pretend to experience and todevelop a Permaculture Experience in Community, in

Posted over 12 years ago (0 comments)

New EVENT : 2nd Program of Practical Agriculture and Community Living at O Fojo

This will be the 2nd Program of Practical Agriculture and Community Living at O Fojo. It is a learning program dedicated to the practice of Agriculture on Permaculture, in all its aspects and stages of implementation. Based on the daily practices and acti

Posted over 12 years ago (0 comments)

Bioconstruction Event - Mãos na Terra 2011 (Hands on Earth)

O Fojo is a place dedicated to Permaculture and to its practical development on its interventional areas.

Posted about 13 years ago (0 comments)
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