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Sebastian Eckes
Mainz, RLP, Germany
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Cool Temperate

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About Sebastian Eckes

My Biggest dream: The blossoming of humanity...
...So I wish that I and the rest of the human family are brave, strong and sage enough to live a life without any trail of destruction... So we live in a considerately way to the rest of mother earth and the universe.
In this dream we all realised deeply that the human race (as the sparehead of the evolution) has the ability and calling to enrich this planet with more liveliness. As far as I know only we humans are able to manage in big-scale the resources on earth (and the universe) to bring more living space for life in general. And everbody who made any life-supporting experience knows how good, how wholesome it feels to support life. More life means more vitality; more vitality means more happiness; more happiness more peace!
In this dream the human family (or better the earth-family) is united. Because we understood deeply our connectednes to eachother we totally turning away from harming eachother. This understanding of our connectednes also opens up space to free ourselfs from our illusion Ego-self. No self, no need to be superman; no need to be superman, no pressure... You just do what you can do and I do what I can do and what somebody/something needs... and we both celebrate that we are able to do what we are doing.... at the end their are no laws needed but just guidelining rules... we all will reach a state of high effeciency and appropriate effectiveness.
We live together like an authentic family in a simple but highly efficiently way close to mother earth. We look to each other not as a body with a name but more we look to eachother as marvellous phenomenas. Our commune will have lively/vivid places ie. for families, social events, cooking, etc. and there are calm, quiet places ie. for personal or spiritual retreats.
In this dream we all realised deeply what it means to exist. We know that our existence brings not only about nice mind-states like happiness, love, loving-kindness etc. but it brings also unwanted states of mind like pain, fear, anxiety, hatred, etc.. So we know about the challenges in life to deal with our tendencies to avoid such unwanted mindstates (what means all the facets of hatred) and tend to have more from the nice ones (all the facets of greed). In the quest to find a wholesome way to deal with such tendenciese in us we develop our own mind to find happiness in the independence of alluring artificial entertainment (we cut off the golden shakles) and to find peace in the wisdom of equanimity.
We bring up our childs with deep knowledge about these facts of being a human with a mind. The country Bhutan shows how easy humans can bring this in real.

I crew up as a child in a performance- and material-wealth- oriented family.
Up to the age of a young man I struggled and rebelled a lot with the all the compulsion (what to learn, where to go, what to eat, how to act)... to less time for real understanding, to less time to watch, to think ... to find out how it and I are working.
But as a decision was necessary I only saw the option "to go with the fucking flow". So I took this option and decided to took this option fully. I made a turnaround at school to reach the grade to go to university. First year university I found myself ready enough to start my own IT-Business next to my studies. After 3 years I graduaded in business informatics at university. Actually at this time I earned enough money with my own company and stock trading. But instead of concentrating to my own business I also want to get experience in big economy. So I got a job as SAP-programmer. It was a job with very abstract thinking and I earned 800€ per month. Once aday my supervisor came into my office and asked me to advise him on a logical problem in program-code. So we sat and analyse his code for more than 4 hours. As I came back to my office I first checked my trading-account and realised that I lost in the last 4 hours about 65.000 Euro at stock-market. So I lost all my money and my potential for new investments...my world was broken together. After few weeks of grief and teariness I start to make a plan to come back... So I worked harder for my carreer as an IT-proffessional and harder in my own business... 7 days per week, approx 16 hours per day. In the next 2 years I ascended to an SAP-projectmanager and earned enough money to live a very comfortable life. But... I wasn't able to sleep anymore. So over the next 2 year I lived in hell.... sleeping just the minimum of 1 or 2 hours per day... lost 15 kilo body-weight and got a lot of problems with my body.
So I consulted different physicians and one advised me to learn to meditate. I bought me books about this matter and tried myself in meditation. It was so hard to find the right access to it that I consult an author of buddhism books where to go to learn meditation and all the other techniques of mind-development. He advised me to go to Thailand in a buddhism monastery where monks from all over the world come to practise and speaks english.
OK... so I travelled to Thailand in the monastery and stayed there for 6 weeks ... It was a new world for me and I learned so much in this 6 weeks that I visited this place in the following years again two times for several weeks to learn more. At my first stay in this monastery I realised how powerfull the insight-meditation is to navigate through the path of life in a happy way. I realised how easy a human can be happy and also what are the hindrances to become happy.
Now... 4 years after my first stay at the buddhist monastery I just sold my house, my cars, my motorbike, etc. and starting to a new way of life according to the above mentioned dream.

I'm writing this because I want to convey my current mind-set to any who is searching for potential partners to do permaculture. In my view this vita shows how it will come to the most of us humans. The most people I met in my life are haunting the dream/illusion of a perfect comfortable life with all the alluring shit (own house, nice cars, security, etc.) until we realise the poisoning character of this lifestyle.
So after having all what I wanted to have I saw my own path of destruction and now try to turnaround again in a authentic wholesome way of life.

How to make the dream comes true?:
Lets create Eleusis! A place where anybody can come who wants to bring in her/his life-energy (the most valuable what we have) to support this place or better...to support this dream.
We come together, build our small houses with mud, harvest our own food, have a meditation centre and support eachother to live in the moment, support eachother for spiritual growth, support eachother in growing up our children with a right mind-set.

I'm searching for people who have similar dreams. People who understood that we with our life have a big chance to heal this planet and live a life in true peace!

Let's overcome the dark side of the past!
Namaste, metta and true love to all of you!


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