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Maitland, NSW, Australia
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Purple Pear Farm

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Purple Pear Farm
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Steiner Education

Posted by Kate Beveridge about 13 years ago

Respect for others and a reverence towards all living things, initiative for creative action and an inquiring mind to world events are qualities that Linuwel Steiner School aim to develop in the growing child.

Linuwel School - East Maitland

Linuwel Steiner School -  East Maitland

This is the school that I sent my children to and where I worked for 6yrs. I supported the integration of 2 special needs children within a class and as such had the advantage of being part of that class and experiencing for myself a steiner education.

Our days were filled with stories created by the class teacher,(which is the way that subjects are presented to the children in the primary years) and followed by an artistic response to that story.There was always music to start the day -singing, recorder playing, percussion, and verses. Painting, cooking, dancing , drama, knitting crotchet, woodwork Indonesian and the list goes on. Everything with the intention of guiding and nourishing the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development of each child. Beauty was encouraged in all things and care taken for creations to exhibit this beauty, and so children were surrounded by all things beautiful--nature, music, art, craft, everything.

The class teacher remains with the child for 6-7 yrs. This allows the teacher to develop a deep understanding of each child's individual needs and the flexibility to allow for varying rates of progress.


At least 3 times a year we went camping. The children as part of a team would erect their own tents and help with the running of the camp. Apart from many things they learnt to be self reliant and co-operative. They were responsible for their possessions from an early age and very quickly came to love there camping experiencs.


The natural rhythms of the seasons were followed from Kindergarten which gave the children a deep understanding of the natural world. The school is very much aware of the value of good nourishing food for the development of the child and thus organic food gardens play a big part in the curriculum.

All throughout the school there is a reverence for all living things and people and the Earth. It brings to my mind the Permaculture Ethics. Care for the Earth. Care for the people and Share the excess- I saw this in the way that the children were encouraged to share their time with their classmates who may not have been as quick to finish a piece of work.

I was fortunate to be a part of this school and observe for myself a place where children are encouraged to be children without the pressure of too much intellectualising too soon.



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