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Stephanie Ladwig-Cooper
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Chico, California, United States
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About Stephanie Ladwig-Cooper

Stephanie Ladwig-Cooper is co-owner with her husband of Gaia Creations -Ecological Landscaping and Permaculture Solutions. Since 2000 Stephanie and her husband, Brian, have provided ecological land care solutions for residential and commercial properties in the Northern Sacramento Valley of California.

Stephanie received her permaculture design certificate from Cathe' Fish and Neil Bertrando in March of 2009, took the course again in 2011 with her husband and eldest son (who was 10 years old at the time) and has since taught permaculture workshops and co-taught PDC's in the area.

In 2009 Stephanie worked with 2 other local permaculturists to form the Chico Permaculture Guild (CPG) in Chico, CA. This local group continues today as a program of the newly formed 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Earthshed Solutions. The CPG has been successful providing free monthly gatherings and low to no cost workshops for the local community. In addition, the CPG helped form the Chico Seed Lending Library (CSLL) in 2013.

Currently Stephanie provides permaculture consulting and design services through her business, is President and Programs Director for Earthshed Solutions and a seed librarian for the Chico Seed Lending Library. Stephanie homeschools her 2 older children and is working with her family on their 5 acre farm to develop the site as a permaculture based teaching/demonstration property for the local community.


Urban Permaculture Property Tour

At long last we are able to provide a public tour of our business project site in celebration of International Permaculture Day!

Posted over 11 years ago (1 comments)

Due Diligence: Four O’clock Plants

Four O'clock plants have a long history of cultivation and use around the world as well as serve many useful functions, with more to experiment with -as a dye and dynamic accumulator.

Posted almost 12 years ago (2 comments)

Berries, Trellising and Harvest

A short but sweet article about berries and how we trellis them for harvesting. I used Google SketchUp to refined a berry trellis design which allows for easy harvest and tons of yield.

Posted about 12 years ago (1 comments)

Teaching Permaculture for the Community and Future

My husband and I will be teaching an Introduction to Permaculture Workshop next month in Chico, CA. We've been encouraged for a while now by many friends, Clients, and fellow permies to "Please teach!"... so we are!

Posted about 12 years ago (1 comments)

BEYOND COMPANION PLANTING – 'Guild Building' a Forest Garden

How we put together forest gardens by guild building using species matrix charts and more. This is a follow up article to a companion planting piece I wrote about last year.

Posted over 12 years ago (4 comments)

Lego Sheet Mulch Example

Utilizing the layers for sheet mulching my children made up a Lego sheet mulch example and I couldn't resist writing about how we've gone about it over the years.

Posted over 12 years ago (0 comments)

Companion Planting Information and Chart

Updated chart of basic companion plants we've grown successfully over the years.

Posted over 12 years ago (2 comments)

Urban Permaculture Project -2 years in progress

We're writing on-going articles about the many aspects of this urban permaculture project in a Mediterranean climate 2 years underway. Pool to pond conversion -complete!

Posted over 12 years ago (6 comments)

Permaculture Student Intern turned Assistant and Upcoming PDC with Robyn Francis and Cathe’ Fish

Being a permaculture intern for the last 3 years has been a rich and rewarding experience. Even before I took my PDC I began working with my future PDC instructor helping out with marketing, introductory workshops and design certification courses.

Posted almost 13 years ago (0 comments)

An Elderberry Volunteers -Applying Permaculture Principle Number One in Our Backyard

An photo based article about applying the permaculture principle of observation in our residential backyard and the often hard decision to interact with natural patterns or not.

Posted almost 13 years ago (2 comments)

From grass to habitat garden... our front yard 2005-2011

A detailed account of the transition from a sparse and chemical dependent landscape to an ecologically diverse and resource efficient garden.

Posted about 13 years ago (2 comments)

Permaculture, Children and Family

Our family is deeply immersed in permaculture and we find it immeasurably rewarding to pass this knowledge onto our children.

Posted over 13 years ago (0 comments)

Currents projects

2 of my residential permaculture projects in Chico, CA...

Posted over 13 years ago (2 comments)
My Badges
My Permaculture Qualifications
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Cathe' Fish
Location: Nevada City, CA
Date: Mar 2009
Other course verified
Advanced Permaculture Intensive
Type: Earthworks
Teacher: Geoff Lawton
Location: GreenFriends Farm - Castro Valley, California
Date: Oct 2012
Other course verified
Edible Forest Gardens & The Commercial Food Forest
Type: Other
Teacher: Eric Toensmeier
Location: Urban Roots Farm
Date: Oct 2013
Other course unverified
Soil Food Web Intensive: Microscope Use
Type: Soil Biology/Compost
Teacher: Elaine Ingham
Location: Green Friends Farm
Date: Mar 2014
Other course unverified
Permaculture Theory & Practicum, Open Consultancy
Type: Other
Teacher: Darren Doherty
Location: Green Friends Farm
Date: Aug 2014

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