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Cabeção, Mora, Portugal
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Monte Aton Power Plant

Posted by Jorge Crespo over 13 years ago

This is a project that began in early 2009 and was completed early 2010. Electricity from the Sun (Aton)pt. (Aten)eng.

Power Station:

This is a 12 V system that requires much thicker cables than 24v, 48 V or 60V systems. But on the other hand it is very simple to establish by anyone wanting to mount their own power plant.
Everything was done by one person only, including the base for the tracker and the mount for the tracker itself.

5 x BP 275 (75 Watt) = 375 Watt/h max.
1 Tracker Lorentz Etatrack 400 (discontinued)(replaced by 600 model now)
1 Solar Regulator BlueSky 3024Di (upgradable to Duo Mode)
14 x Marathon M12V60FT (60 Amps) totalling 840 Amps/h
1 Inverter pure sine wave Studer SI 1212 with optional “twinpower”
Upgradable to a three phase power line if necessary in the future by adding another 2 identical modules.

One external generator for more power when required by the use of heavy machinery like welders or other loads like those.

Total costs: Street Prices 2009 in euros.

5 x panels = 1500
1 x Tracker = 500
1 x Regulator= 550
14 x Bateries= 5600
1 x Inverter = 1300
Cables/Conduit= 500
Tracker Base = 300
Cabin = 200

Total= 10 450 euros without labor (made it my self)

Good luck for anybody wanting to do the same.

Cimg0352 Cimg0351 Cimg0097 Cimg0094 Cimg0093 Cimg0067 Cimg0106

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Vanessa Monge Augusto Fernandes
Vanessa Monge Augusto Fernandes : You say "simple' but I think you must be very smart!
Posted over 13 years ago

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Jorge Crespo
Jorge Crespo : Thanks for your complements, in fact it is simple yet it requires some reading and basic understanding of what we are reading in the manuals and data sheets etc. I always thought that if others are able to do stuff so am i. And Voilá. Soon i'll post a update on how a portable version of this was made...stay tuned, Até já
Posted over 13 years ago

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Photovoltaics, DIY
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Date: Dec 2008
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Location: Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal
Date: Jun 2007

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