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Michael Jordan
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Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States
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Cold Arid

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food forest and bees for Jack Spirko

Posted by Michael Jordan about 10 years ago

I put in Bees at Jack Spirko's food forest program.

I worked for 3 days in TX USA at Jack Spirko's Food forest program. On three acr. we planted 300 trees and over 50 diffrent companion plants. I was able to teach 30+ students the biometrics of beekeeping and the biomimicry of my life from the keeping bees.
"Jack, we planted a tree between two olive trees. It was like the dove bring in the olive branch to each of us saying we are doing good." I said.

With a gleam in his eye, Jack said, "Two old men planting trees together that they never get to sit in the sade of and their children eat the fruit from> and we are just men."

good times

april 3-6 2014 TX with Jack Spirko. My Permaculture Mentor!

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Location: Fort Worth TX
Date: Nov 2013
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