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Farming for the Future, and Saplings to be Planted

Posted by Kelly Pagliaro over 11 years ago

With March comes a new month of presentations and planting.

Earlier this month the Kamiah Permaculture team did a presentation on food forests for a local preparedness group (about 50-55 people).  Many people seemed very receptive of the idea and showed an interest learning more about permaculture

Yesterday (March 18) we held a presentation including the movie A Farm for the Future at the local health food store.  This also marks my first time introducing a permaculture presentation.

In other news we have our seedlings going for the spring and today we started some Black Walnut, Butternut, Carpathian Walnut, Chestnut, and Italian Alder seedlings in our little greenhouse.  Our thanks go to our good friend Kyle Chamberlain for sending us the seeds.  The salad greens that have been growing in our coldframe all winter are taking off and are now ready to start having leaves harvested.

Next month on the 30th we'll be hosting our first workshop- Introduction to Permaculture.  This will include hands-on exercises including composting and instant garden beds.  We're also offering two free scholarships to this workshop for anyone 25 years old or younger, as a special incentive to the local youth.

Looks like Spring is off to a good start.

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