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David Dahlsrud
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Ferdinand, Idaho, United States
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Cold Temperate
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About David Dahlsrud

I've always felt a connection to the land. Even as a child growing up in Northern California we always had gardens, chickens, and I made sure I always had my own little plot.

I stumbled onto Permaculture after moving to North-Central Idaho about 5 years ago, and suddenly I had a name for what I wanted to do with my land! Everything just kind of fit together in one convenient package.

I've been slowly transforming our homestead using permaculture techniques, always trying to keep the big picture in mind while at the same time balancing aesthetics with function... and convincing the in-laws that the two can be the same, if you just think about it a little differently. I think I'm slowly making converts as I prove my hair brained schemes actually work!


Brewing Kombucha

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Homestead Update December 2015

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Homestead Chicken Sausage?

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Homestead Update!

Posted over 8 years ago (0 comments)
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